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LH-DETECT® in Italian Journal of Animal Science, 2005 / 4 (2): 307 - 309

V.L. BARILE, A. MALFATTI, L. TODINI, O. BARBATO, C. PACELLI, G.M. TERZANO, S. ALLEGRINI, M. MAZZI, A. BORGHESE 2005 LH peak and ovulation in buffalo cows treated for oestrus synchronisation using two different hormonal schedul. ital.j.anim.sci. vol. 4 (suppl. 2), 307-309, 2005

Since oestrus behaviour in buffalo is frequently scarcely clear and the oestrus signs, even when showed, are not reliable, ovulation cannot be predicted. Furthermore high individual variability of the oestrus signs - LH peak interval was observed both in spontaneous and hormonal induced oestrus (Moioli et al., 1998; Barile et al, 1998).

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