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Assay kits: for use in laboratories

LH DETECT® : measure LH concentrations in many species


An immuno-enzymatic (not radio-active) assay kit to accurately measure Luteinizing Hormone in various animal species.

  • LH DETECT® can be used in a laboratory for highly accurate measurements and detection of the pre-ovulatory LH surge, from a blood, serum or plasma sample. For sheep and goats, measurement can also be done on a milk sample.

> LH DETECT® for bovines
> LH DETECT® for ovines
> LH DETECT® for caprines
> LH DETECT® for porcines
> LH DETECT® for canines
> LH DETECT® for buffaloes
> LH DETECT® for fox
> LH DETECT® for cervids
> LH DETECT® for camelids
> LH DETECT® for rodents


Anti-eCG DETECT® : for small ruminants


Based on a similar technology as LH DETECT®, an immune - enzymatic , not radioactive, kit to assay anti-eCG antibodies is being developed by our research team.

It accurately measures anti-eCG antibodies concentration in the plasma of females which have received one or more eCG based treatment(s). Injecting this hormone often leads to an immune response, including secretion of anti-eCG antibodies. Those antibodies can be responsible for a non efficiency of forthcoming treatments and, consequently, making gestation impossible after AI.

Sensitivity is about 10 ng/ml. The kit is usable with plasma or serum samples from ovine and caprine species. The potentially immune response to eCG can be measured.

> Anti-eCG DETECT® : for small ruminants

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