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LH-DETECT® in Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 2008 / 20 (8) 925–934

MARIE SAINT-DIZIER, NINA JAFFRÉ, KARINE REYNAUD, BENOÎT REMY, SANDRA THOUMIRE, SYLVIE CHASTANT-MAILLARD 2008 Expression of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone binding sites in the bitch ovary during the follicular phase. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 2008 / 20 (8) 925-934.

In the female dog, in contrast with most mammals, the growing follicle starts to luteinise several days before ovulation. Little is known about the physiological control of the final follicular growth in this species. In order to better understand the pituitary regulation of follicular growth, specific binding sites for FSH and LH were localised and quantified by autoradiography using [125I]-porcine (p) gonadotrophins on ovarian sections (7 μm) from adult Beagle bitches during the follicular phase. Follicles were analysed either before the LH surge (n = 4 bitches; n = 117 follicles) or after the LH surge and before ovulation (n = 5 bitches; n = 110 follicles). FSH binding sites were specifically and homogeneously expressed at high levels on granulosa cells of all healthy follicles from the preantral stage onwards. In contrast, LH binding sites were detected homogeneously and at high levels only on granulosa cells of follicles larger than 1 mm in diameter, including luteinised follicles. Theca binding of LH (but not FSH) was also observed, but only when using high concentrations of [125I]-pLH. The overall incidence of atresia was 45.8% and was dependent upon follicular diameter. Quantitative analysis of labelling showed that atretic follicles had reduced levels of both FSH and LH binding sites compared with healthy follicles. In healthy follicles, levels of both FSH and LH binding sites changed with follicle diameter. Compared with other mammals, the acquisition of LH binding on canine granulosa cells occurs in smaller sized follicles relative to the size of ovulation.

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