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Cycli'Bov® : progesterone test for cows
  • for an on-farm use
  • done on a few drops of blood


Full description

Cycli'Bov® is a progesterone test designed for use in cows. It allows the presence or absence of progesterone to be determined from a few drops of blood.

 cycli description en

> Simple colour reading.

Cycli'Bov® is easy to use, no need for special kit.
Cycli'Bov® gives an answer quickly: it takes only 25 minute to carry out.
Cycli'Bov® is easy to interpret:
  • if blue appears on the stick, there is little or no progesterone (less than 3 ng/ml)
  • if the stick stays white, there is more than 3 ng/ml of progesterone

Application examples

 cycli example en


Test procedure

A 2 step process with a rinsing phase in-between steps:

 cycli procedure1

  • Mix the blood with the reagent.
    • Incubate for precisely 15 min then rinse using the pot provided.
  • Take tube 2 (with blue cap), remove cap and screw in the stick.
    • Leave for at least 10 min, and then unscrew the stick for color reading: 

cycli procedure2



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