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LH DETECT® for dogs

LH DETECT® for dogs

An immuno-enzymatic (not radio-active) assay kit to accurately measure Luteinizing Hormone in various animal species.

  • LH DETECT® can be used in a laboratory for highly accurate measurements and detection of the pre-ovulatory LH surge, from a blood, serum or plasma sample. For sheep and goats, measurement can also be done on a milk sample.


LH DETECT® is particularly useful for the following works :

  • Following the LH secretions during the male and female sexual cycle
  • Studying the micropulsatility of LH secretions
  • Determining the most appropriate time to proceed to an artificial insemination insofar as the time between LH surge and ovulation is known and constant for each specie
  • Any other study requiring an accurate LH measurement

LH detection can be done from blood, plasma or serum samples, and even in the milk of sheeps.

Choose your substrate: ABTS or TMB (recommanded for quantitative works); and your kind of plate: entire one or  strip one (divisible in 16-well segments).

LH DETECT® is build under an exclusive and wordlwide INRA licence.


LH DETECT® is an ELISA sandwich type immunoenzymatic test. The enzymatic activity is revealed by a chromogenic substrate.

Reaction intensity is proportionnal to LH concentration in the test sample. They evaluation may be performed visually (qualitative) or measured with a spectrophotometer.

For qualitative assay, a positive control sample permits the reaction validation. For this use, we recommend using ABTS as substrate.

For quantitative assay, a scale of standards, produced with the LH of the concerning specie, is used. In this case, we recommend using TMB as substrate.

You can choose between two types of plate: entire one, or strip one divisible in 16-well segments. The strip one allows avoiding defrosting all the wells when only a few samples are going to be tested.


Please find below the schematic procedure of LH DETECT®. It describes all the procedure, including sample and reagents preparation.

More detailed data are sent with any product order through our website. For any question regarding to the use of LH DETECT®, please ask to our technical team by using the 'Contact' email.

Download the schematic procedure


LH DETECT® is a measurement kit of LH usable among female dogs in a veterinary practice as well as a laboratory. In fact, visual reading of the test permits to follow LH secretions during the heats period, without any reading device. For that, a daily sampling is done from the heats beginning. Among female dog, the preovulatory LH surge is pretty long to compare with other species; its duration can change from 48 to 72 hours (exceptionally it can go on 144 hours) (Guérin et al, 1997). For that reason, one sampling a day is enough.

In the case of a visual monitoring, simultaneous measurement of 2 or 3 samples for each female is recommended in order to more easily evaluate the evolution of plasmatic LH concentrations. In order to detect the whole preovulatory LH surge, it's necessary to continue the test until LH concentration gets back to its basal level.


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